We answer your frequently asked questions about all things for photographic wildlife adventure tours.

Preparing for your trip

What camera equipment do I need?

Camera body

1 or 2 lenses, 70mm - 200mm zoom, 500mm prime lens, these are suggestions and your photo tour leader will likely make other recommendations

Monopod, something similar to this Gitzo one

Gimble  head for the monopod (suggested) The MH-100 is specifically for monopods and compact

Safety straps

Lens cleaning equipment

Protective waterproof covers for your camera for rain

Micro fibre cleaning cloth

Extra memory cards

Charging cables

Correct power plugs for Canada if you are an international guest

Spare camera battery(s)

Laptop or tablet like and iPad for downloading and reviewing your photos

Laptop/ tablet power cords

Allen key or similar tool for tightening screws etc.

What clothing should I pack?

Think of a rainforest. We get rain, fog and beautiful sunshine - all in a week.

We provide durable rain pants and hooded jackets, as well as flotation protective suits for the zodiac.

Think of layers of clothing to protect against rain and wind. 

A warm beanie

Gloves, scarf or gator

Hiking pants with pockets

Smart wool socks

Lightweight shirts


Closed toe hiking shoes or sneakers

Are there luggage restrictions?

Yes - if you are traveling to us and arriving by float plane from Vancouver or Seattle, the planes are limited to the size of luggage and have weight limits.

Most planes have a 25 Lb (11 kg) limit. We do negotiate it up to around 30 lbs for an extra fee.

Your luggage itself also will have size restrictions - Kenmore Air state luggage should not exceed 50 linear inches (127cm) length + width + height. So  a carry on bag size of 10" x 16" x 24" bag (25cm x 41cm x 61 cm).

For a float plane it should be a soft bag - to fit more easily into the pontoon storage area.

You can read all their requirements on their website

How do I get to Stuart Island?

Float Plane

For international travelers you will catch a float plane from either Seattle WA in the US or Vancouver BC, Canada. The cost of the airfare for the float plane is included in your trip price). We normally charter the plane and so there is a minimum number of people required for this option.

The flights normally leave early morning so you should plan to arrive at either of these cities the night before.

Our pricing does not include travel to or from Seattle or Vancouver. Nor does the price include any accommodations in these locations.

This option is also available to any groups from Canada as well. 

Zodiac boat from Campbell River, Vancouver Island

You may opt to drive to Campbell river on Vancouver island. You would catch a ferry from Vancouver to Nanaimo and drive north to Campbell River. You will be met by our Zodiac boat and ferried back to Stuart Island. This is about a 45 minutes ride and offers opportunities for photography and sight seeing.


The deposit of 50% is non- refundable must be paid on confirmation of booking which will be provided once the minimum number of participants has been reached.

Balance will be due 60 days prior to travel.


From 2 months up to the departure of the tour, no refund can be made. For this reason we suggest you to get cancellation insurance.

Allowances will be made for any disruptions to travel due to Covid 19

Do I need Travel Insurance?

It is highly recommended that you get travel insurance that covers unexpected trip cancellations, Covid related travel delays. Other things to consider - medical insurance and rescue capability. If you are an international traveller check with your insurance companies what is recommended/needed.

International Travelers

You will need a passport and any visas that may be required for travel to Canada.

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